Based on over 25 years of sales and sales management in technology related markets, I offer a wide variety interrelated services to help start-up, scale-ups and established technology companies to professionalize their sales organization.

Sales Maturity Scan

A sales maturity scan starts with interviews
with management followed by interviews with sales,
product specialists and engineering.

The type of industry you are in, is key to determine which level is optimal for your current state:

New technology/innovative industries can be effective in (undefined) Level 1 . Mature industries need predictable performance (world-class) Level 4) to sustain results. Think like this: If you are selling office supplies, you need to be a(world-class)  Level 4 to consistently grow revenue. Renewable energy for instance can be very successfully initially in a (undefined) Level 1 state.

Experience and tenure are critical in your ability to move up the scale:

If you have a lot of ‘sales rookies’ on your team, you better be at a Level 3 or the performance will slip. In contrast, if you have a experienced sales persons , a Level 1 or 2 would be ok as long as there is no turnover.

Product maturity and market share are critical in diagnosing the correct level:

If you are selling Ball point pens and  you are not at a Level 4 sales management state, go do something else. It will be a tough road. Pitching 3 D holograms, a undefined Level 1 will be enough to get you established in the market


Typically, technology companies struggle to set-up a foundation for successful growth in outbound end continue to maintain their current customer base.

I support companies with the following activities:

  • Sharpen value proposal and marketing material (website, presentation etc..)
  • Generate and implement a go to market plans

  • Use social selling tools such as LinkedIn sales navigator
In doing so, I will guide the existing sales organization to implement this.


Typically, the most experience salesperson takes the role as sales manager and does not have the experience managing all sales activities and coach the sales teams. Setting a solid foundation for future growth is a first step towards success profitable growth

I support companies with the following activities:

  • Implementing CRM and Social selling
  • Implementing sales methodology such as the MillerHeiman StrategicSelling™
  • Setting KPI’s for sales in line with the business objectives


Many overly detailed sales and marketing of hundreds of pages or more are generated were at the companies I worked for. As a result the end op in a drawer somewhere and will never be fully adopted by the sales and marketing teams.

I support companies…

in generating basic straightforward sales and marketing plans which are plans are agreed with the management lived by the sales and marketing teams.


During my career I attended several basic and more comprehensive sales courses. Over the past 10 years I have created a training package tailored toward technology selling and complex selling. Typically, consultative selling techniques are most effective for technology driven companies.

Based on a quick assessment we will jointly determine the areas we want to address sales training. I can either provide the training myself or look for a suitable partner who can provide the right training for you.

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