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Selling is an Art
combined with Skills

Salesmanship is an art which not everyone masters. Selling technology requires this art to be well mastered by the sales team, sales management and the necessity of this being recognized by general management of a Technology company.

In Technology driven companies these mastering skills are rarely or not available. As a result, technology driven employees are assigned to conduct the sales role. These salespeople tend to describe the features of the product to a potential customer without getting familiar with the actual and precise requirement and needs of the customer. For B2B technology-selling, it is critical to know and understand what the business to which we are about to sell a technology, needs. A total introduction of all the product features is not required in many instances and may end up confusing the customer instead.

TechSales helps the management and technical salespeople to develop these skills and master the art of selling technology. Next to mastering the skills account planning, business development and sales enablement is required to set-up an organization for growth. Tech-sales offers services to facilitate the professionalization of your sales organization   …. (link naar services)

Over 25 years of experience in selling technology is the asset I bring to technology driven Companies.

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